Wii Sports Resort hits one million in Europe

It seems as if Wuhu Island has become the newest hotspot with people worldwide buying up digital timeshares of Nintendo’s vacation getaway.

It’s been one month since Wii Sports Resort launched in Europe and Nintendo has some cause to celebrate as the latest motion sports game has sold over one million copies. In addition to this wonderful sales premiere, the Wii MotionPlus accessory has exploded in separate sales, reaching over 936,000 units in Europe as well. “Combined with strong figures for Wii MotionPlus,” said Laurent Fischer, Managing Director of Marketing & PR for Nintendo of Europe, “the data suggests that more families and friends are playing together than ever before – which, for Nintendo, is a major objective.” Makes sense since it’s definitely more fun to play ping pong or sword-fight with your little brother because you can gloat to his face when you win.

Wii Sports Resort has sold just as well in Japan and the US, and will most likely continue steady sales for a while.