BioWare being a huge tease with PS3 Mass Effect

Remember when you had a crush on someone in junior high and you sent them a letter asking, “Do you like me?” and it came back with the ‘Maybe’ box checked? Frustrating as hell, right?

CVG found some time with BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka last week at GamesCom and asked about the possibility of Mass Effect on the PS3 and Muzyka responded vaguely saying, “Right now all we’ve announced is we’re working on 360 and PC.” After pushing the subject some more, the response remained indefinite, neither claiming or denying the possibility of Mass Effect on a Sony product. “We haven’t announced anything on that,” said Muzyka.

Maybe if PS3 owners stand outside BioWare’s window with a boombox John Cusack-style, we’ll see Mass Effect check the ‘Yes’ box.