Command & Conquer conquers a new name… commandingly

What is in a name? That which we call Command & Conquer 4 by any other name would play as well.

Evidently there is a lot in a name as a lot of people participated in EA’s name choosing for Command & Conquer 4 (take that Shakespeare and your damn iambic pentameter). The winning name for the fourth iteration of the classic RTS is Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight. It sounds cool, and seems pretty fitting since this is the conclusion to the “tiberian saga.”

However, despite the over 15,000 people who submitted name suggestions who thought that a name is all important, it would appear that old Bill S. was right. After all, C&C4 would still have all the revamped features (like sexy mobile bases) and still be coming out in 2010 no matter what it was called. Well, maybe if it got the name Command & Conquer 4 Coming Out in 2011 things might have changed, but as it stands the name means nothing. Shakespeare: 1, Internet: 0.

You can check the possible box art for the game in the gallery.