EGM coming back on December 1

@EGMNOW, the Twitter for the upcoming revival of legendary gaming magazine EGM (and its founder Steve Harris), has brought us some good news. The most recent tweet states that as of today plans have been put in motion for the new/old magazine to start publishing on Dec. 1, giving all us gamers a surprise holiday present. The real question is if this present will be good or not?

EGM is definitely going back to its roots with this publication. It’s going to be cheaper and more indie. Those two things could be really great or they could mean that the magazine is going to be a piece of junk that no one wants to read. The idea behind the mag’s relaunch so far seems to be that it will be a magazine with a tight connection to its online counterpart (much like and the original EGM attempted to do). Piquing anyone’s interest yet? I’m a believer so I’ll be subscribing the moment I can. If you’d like to catch up on what the mag is going to be all about, 1up has a little interview with the mag’s new/old owner Steve Harris.