Heavy Rain developer in talks for sequels and prequels via DLC

While we wait for SCEI to announce a firm release date for Heavy Rain, which only has a murky “early 2010” promise attached to it for now, its developer Quantic Dream is already in discussions with Sony about producing potential sequels and/or prequels for the game through DLC. In an interview with VideoGamer at last week’s GamesCom, Quantic Dream founder David Cage confirmed that his studio had been looking into adding downloadable content and extra online features to the main game. But he was also quick to reassure that gamers wouldn’t be cheated with an incomplete Heavy Rain. “It’s a self-contained experience. We won’t release the end of the game as DLC that you need to pay for. The game has all the scenes it’s supposed to have. It’s a complete story,” explained Cage.

A story that will purportedly take eight to ten hours to finish in the first run sounds pretty short. But according to Cage, “I didn’t want the game to be too long, to be honest. I’m telling a story and I want to create a very intense journey. It’s difficult to create this emotion through 40 hours.” Instead, he’s banking on the game’s replayability to keep us interested, as the myriad of choices a player has make ensures that one walkthrough of the story won’t resemble the next. We can’t wait to see if Heavy Rain can live up to such expectations when it comes out next year.