Valve showing off Dark Carnival at PAX

A new campaign from zombie apocalypse continued, aka Left 4 Dead 2, will be shown off at the Penny Arcade Expo next week, Valve has announced. The title of the campaign, Dark Carnival, and a single screenshot sporting a nifty clown mask wearing infected is all they’re revealing about it for the moment however. Well that and that they’ll also be unveiling a few more of the 20 plus new items included in the game.

Dark Carnival is the third of five new campaigns included in L4D2, the first two being The Parish and Swamp Fever. If you want to see them first hand before the game’s release this November, different areas of each location can be checked out Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as well as Valve’s own L4D2 booth on the PAX showroom floor. The event runs from next Friday to Sunday.