Dragon Age: Origins reveals star studded cast

Chief among BioWare’s star studded voice cast for Dragon Age: Origins is Tim Curry, master of the subtle character study. All sarcasm aside, I absolutely adore me some Tim Curry, who will surely imbue the evil Arl Rendon Howe, the game’s “calculating villain, cultured and charming, with an insatiable lust for power,” with a manic zeal no other actor ever could.

Joining the veteran voice actor in the sound booth is Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek Voyager‘s Captain Janeway herself, playing the role of Flemeth, “a powerful witch who maintains her immortality through the darkest of means, and who plays a pivotal role in the player’s survival.” And as if that weren’t enough starpower, Origin‘s already epic cast will be rounded out by Tim Russ, Star Trek Voyager‘s Tuvok; Claudia Black of Stargate SG-1and Farscape; and Steve Valentine of Crossing Jordan.

Dragon Age: Origins has the largest cast of characters of any game BioWare has ever made,” said Mark Darrah of BioWare. “By working with an incredibly talented cast of actors we are able to bring reality and depth to the characters, their back stories, motivations, and dreams that our talented writers have created for them.”