EEDAR predicts price cuts won’t increase 360 sales

Probably the second worst-kept secret next to the PS3 Slim, Microsoft recently confirmed price cuts for the Xbox 360 Elite models, leveling the playing field in the console wars at the price of $299.99 USD for the premium units. And while one would think a cheaper price would do wonders for 360 sales the way many believe it will for the PlayStation 3, market research firm EEDAR believes otherwise. Instead, they expect this year’s sales to remain fairly consistent with that of last year’s.

We have a hard time agreeing with that–especially since the article doesn’t provide EEDAR’s reasoning–but something else that perked our interest was what the firm’s director of analyst service Jesse Divnich had to say about Microsoft’s possible pricing strategy in the following year. Divnich believes the Xbox 360 Elite will get another small cut to $249.99 USD to give the Wii a run for its money (no pun intended). And at the same time, he thinks Microsoft would follow with a console bundled with Project Natal at the magic spot of $299.99 USD to remain competitive with the PS3. Indeed, some bold predictions. But as long as all of this ends up benefiting consumers, we’ll be happy.