It only does…”BLUE RAY”?

We’re loving the new commercials Sony’s putting out for the PS3 Slim. They’re clever, get the point across extremely well and make you smile while doing it. But while hitting the play and pause buttons to see what specific features they’ve chosen to highlight with the new “It only does..” slogan, we noticed something unexpected — “BLUE RAY.”

As seen in a screengrab from one of the commercials above, among features such as “Music,” “Wi-Fi,” “Free demos,” “Parties” and “Downloads,” the new ads sport a “BLUE RAY” feature. Of course, this is obviously just a mistake on the part of whoever Sony hired to create these commercials and “Blue Ray” is one of the most common ways “Blu-ray” is misspelled, but Sony, here might be a chance to get some of that ad money back..