More awesome BioShock art lands

So it appears no one listened to Kristen’s request and thus we never got our hands on the awesome, 2K Games commissioned piece of Bioshock 2 artwork by Jhonen Vasquez. If we can’t depend on you, we’ll have to do things on our own at PAX this year. There we will not only be able to pick up Vasquez’s work, but also the newest piece in the series by Penny Arcade. It’s purdy.

The piece is called “Mr. Bubbles” and it can be picked up at the Bioshock 2 booth at PAX this year along with the Vasquez work. The artist will be on hand to sign the work too, but be quick the prints are in limited supply. If you see a mass of crazed people charging the booth on the first day it’s TVGB.