The future of plastic instruments looks a bit foggy

If we all stacked our collection of music game peripherals on top on each other, I’m sure those crazy Rabbids would already be on the moon by now. The end of 2009 will see another slew of instruments bundled with The Beatles: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5 and DJ Hero and if current trends continue, we’ll get even more peripherals next year. However the need for these peripherals is not nearly as high as they used to be according to EA Games president Frank Gibeau in an interview at GamesCom.

“Plastic’s way down, so a lot of the music category stuff is not as robust as it’s been, and it’s unclear whether a lot of this peripheral activity that’s happening is going to stick. USD 125, USD 115, USD 99 price points for these things – it appears to have gone soft right now in the market place,” said Gibeau.

The good news is Gibeau doesn’t feel like EA’s standalone titles are in any danger. He mentioned how EA learned from mistakes made with Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space when promoting Brütal Legend. EA’s strategy was to market Brütal Legend early on and release it at a time where it wouldn’t be buried under the weight of other big name games.