Buy Arkham Asylum, get LEGO Batman free

We love a deal here at TVGB, especially deals that give you a whole game for free. If you’re yet to purchase Batman: Arkham Asylum, the latest game to star the caped crusader battling against his arch-nemesis, the Joker, then you’re in for a treat. Buy the game at Toys R Us, and you can also order last year’s LEGO Batman for free. No, you read that right, absolutely free. So if you didn’t buy this week’s biggest release, for whatever reason, now’s the time to shell out the cash.

Arkham has been getting positive reviews across the board for the last few weeks now, and the LEGO franchise has proven popular ever since LEGO Star Wars hit consoles, so there’s now there’s officially no reason not to get at least one dose of Bats in your gaming diet.