Hans Zimmer to score Modern Warfare 2

According to Hollywood Reporter, composer Hans Zimmer will be scoring the soundtrack to Modern Warfare 2. Rumors of Zimmer’s involvement with Activision’s blockbuster first-person shooter arose when his talent agency listed Modern Warfare 2 in his resume yesterday, and now those rumors have been confirmed.

Modern Warfare 2 marks Zimmer’s first videogame project in his distinguished career in composing, where he has composed film scores for epics like Gladiator, The Dark Knight and… Driving Miss Daisy. With his experience in composing these grand films of Roman gladiators, bat-obsessed superheroes and old ladies driven around by Morgan Freeman, Zimmer will be a good fit for Modern Warfare 2, which promises to be larger in scope than its predecessor. Zimmer is taking over Harry Gregson-Williams in composing duties for the sequel to Modern Warfare, which will be released on Nov. 10.