Heavy Rain dev says quick time event criticism is bullsh*t

Heavy Rain has had its fair share of criticism for being nothing more than a quick time event love-in and Quantic Dream founder David Cage is getting tired of it. Seriously.

“Bullshit! Just bullshit! I mean what’s the question? We released Fahrenheit before. People know very well what the kind of balance we’re looking for is. The balance is quite similar in Heavy Rain. I think that people who didn’t see any demos or did not play the game are a little bit confused by the fact that the interface is in 3D. It’s not quick time events. You navigate. You’re free to explore. It’s just that the interface, instead of being 2D icons in the lower corner, they are now inside the set. That’s the only difference. You control the character second to second, and the balance is quite similar to Fahrenheit. There’s no difference,” he fumed.

Cage argues that Heavy Rain‘s control interface is a complicated system that he can’t simply describe. “Some people imagine things. Don’t be afraid. It’s not quick time based. All the purpose of Heavy Rain is to tell the story not through cutscenes but through gameplay. I would be stupid just to release cutscenes. I mean what’s the point? I’d better make a movie then. That’s silly.” So stop calling the game one long cut scene, you don’t want to make David Cage angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.