Level-5 invites you to lead a so-called Fantasy Life

Taking a break from the brain teasers, Professor Layton‘s Level-5 has announced their latest DS-only title Fantasy Life, an Animal Crossing-esque RPG set in the fantastical world of Fantazeal.

The goal of the game is simply to live your life, which entails exploring the cute village, making cute friends and most importantly, working cute jobs. There are 20 in total, ranging from treasure hunter to dragon slayer. Each comes with a slate of daily “Life Quests” for you to complete, pertaining to your chosen profession. Your progress is measured in terms of your accrued material and ephemeral wealth, namely how much money you make and how much happiness you achieve during the course of your work day.

This is the developer’s second collaboration (the first being Professor Layton and London Life, the game within a game to be featured in the franchise’s fourth installment) with Brownie Brown, the studio that created Heroes of Mana and Mother 3. They’ve also enlisted famous composer and musician Nobuo Uematsu, whom you may know for his work on a little series called Final Fantasy, to provide the game’s opening theme as well as closing themes for each of the 20 different jobs’ defined endings.