Rock Band Network coming, somewhat, to PS3, not to Wii at all

It wasn’t too terribly long ago, so surely you all remember that news about the Rock Band Network service. The one where users can submit their own songs for all the internet to download and play and review. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, to really fully embrace its potential, you best be investing in the Xbox 360 version. Not that the PS3 one gets nothing. As it turns out, PS3 users will get to use the service, but won’t have access to all the songs that will go up. According to IndustryGamers, songs will be “offered at Harmonix’s discretion,” and that’s if the artists themselves choose to “opt in” for PSN users to have access to their songs in the first place. Sorry, PS3 users. I feel for you, for I am one of you.

Now Wii users, you get nothing. Rock Band Network and the Rock Band Store will, unfortunately, not be coming your way. While Harmonix would love to extend the service your way, the lack of patching Wii games means it would just be too damned hard. I feel for you folks as well.

Rock Band Network is expected to come our way later this year, and regardless of platform availability, I think it’s a damned exciting thing, and I look forward to what it brings us… like people’s kids singing “I Will Survive,” or something.