New Battlefield 2 patch to bring Vista support, free booster packs

The long awaited 1.50 patch for, yes, Battlefield 2, has been in beta for a few months now and DICE has finally set Sept. 1 as its release date.

Changes include hit detection improvements and balance tweaks for jets. The new additions in this patch include Vista support, widescreen support and compatibility with the Novint Falcon controller. Two maps, Operation Blue Pearl and Highway Tamp, are in as well as the two booster packs released for Battlefield 2 called Euro Force and Armored Fury. The booster packs, which were originally sold at $10 each at release, added new maps and new vehicles but will now be free with the 1.50 patch. It’s not Battlefield 1943 but at least it’s something that will keep us busy until its release.