LostWinds sequel gets chilly title, flurry of details

Being blessed with a LostWinds sequel, while pleasant, is no real surprise, seeing as how Frontier Developments’ WiiWare project tore up the sales charts following its May 2008 release. The innovative 2-D adventure, in which players use the Wii remote to control the wind to solve puzzles and guide the hero Toku towards his destiny, is still easily one of the best WiiWare titles available for download.

Now, according to the latest issue of Edge Magazine, we know that part two will be known as LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias. New features include the Zelda-like power to switch between winter and summer to solve puzzles as well as Toku’s ability to swim. When you throw in a cyclone move that can be used to drill through rocks and move water, Winter of the Melodias begins to feel like a fresh and exciting WiiWare adventure.

While there are no screens or movies as of this date to wet your appetite, the title’s wintry theme is projecting an equally wintry release date. Hopefully we’ll see this one before the holidays. I promise I’ll try to learn what a Melodia is before then.