Video of the Week / August 30

Instead of the usual one, this week we have two videos sharing the number one spot. Those being the first two PlayStation 3 Slim commercials Sony unveiled some days ago. Watching these ads, it almost feels like Sony is finally getting serious about marketing their product the right way (well, there have been a few exceptions) and has found the right people and put them in charge of creating the campaign to advertise the PS3’s new look and $299 price point.

Raphael Cua: “My vote definitely has to go for the new PS3 ads. Sony’s finally taking the right steps with releasing the redesigned Slim at a cheaper price and their advertising campaign reflects that welcome change. Funny and informative, these two ads are a marked improvement over their baffling “white room” ads during the system’s launch. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the ads in this campaign and looking forward to what Sony has in store for 2010. If this change in direction for Sony’s marketing is any indication, it’s going to be a good year.”

Aaron Yorke: “PS3 commercials win for me, hands down. The dude from the Holiday Inn and Dustin Pedroia MLB The Show spots is turning into an advertising all-star before our eyes. He delivers his lines perfectly and he makes every ad he’s in enjoyable. Add to that the fact that the ads themselves are pretty clever and you have a big win for Sony. Analysts have already predicted a major September sales jump for PS3 and these ads certainly won’t hurt.”

Joshua Kopstein: “The announcement of the new PS3 must be a giant weight off Sony’s shoulders after the PR blunder that led up to it. Nice to see that they have a sense of humor about their failure to evade the Internet’s seasoned matlockery.”

Sebastian Nordlund: “Although none of the videos this week really gave me that feeling of satisfaction, I’ll admit that Sony’s latest productions featuring the PlayStation 3 Slim are quite full of what makes a consumer want to pay attention to them. They’re short enough to keep you glued to the TV. They’re informative enough, yet not too much, leaving you wanting more. And what affects us humans most of all, they’ve got humor.”

We also liked:

Emmanuel Petti: “My vote goes straight to the Serious Sam HD trailer. I have to admit that I never actually played the original Serious Sam but that trailer made me want to give not only the original a whirl, but also the HD redux. I just can’t help but liking trailers that do something different. Screw the Sony ads, they can’t even make sure they spell “Blu-ray” correctly for crying out loud! I like the Sony ads because I’m a geek for motion graphics and at the end of those things they have very awesome kinetic typography. But the Serious Sam HD trailer is just too funny. Any trailer that has a random shot of spaghetti and someone yelling “pasghetti!” as the bowl of noodles rockets off into space gets a winning vote in my book.”

Chad George: “While it is great to see the PS3 getting an updated sales pitch and Serious Sam HD going all Japan-a-vision, Blur is, without a doubt, my choice. Bringing viral marketing full circle, the PR people have hit the nail on the head by comparing the racing gameplay to some well known YouTube videos. Sooner or later all marketing will come from the user generated world, but Blur has beat the crowd to the future.”