Xbox 360 Slim is inevitable according to analyst

The PlayStation 3 Slim is generating tons of interest which will undoubtedly increase when commercials hit North American televisions all at the tune of $299. The PS3 Slim however isn’t the only console hovering at that price point as Microsoft has also dropped the prices on 360 models. But what if Microsoft took it a bit further? What if there was actually a slimmer version of the Xbox 360? IndustryGamers asked analysts if it was a possibility and according to David Cole of DFC Intelligence, it’s an absolute. “I think it is a question of when not if. However, the when part is a big uncertainty…rumors have been going on for a long time.” Said Cole, “As cost efficiencies allow smaller and more reliable is always a good thing,” pointing to the likelihood of a hardware redesign to accompany the launch of Project Natal.

Michael Pachter on the other hand, gives it to us straight saying, “I don’t think so.  They had a redesign to eliminate the RROD issue, changed the heat sink, fan and a couple of other components.  I’m not sure that they need to redesign the box, although I see the Elite black box becoming the standard.” Other analysts point to the size change as contributing factor towards the public’s opinion on the console’s failure rate. Regardless, an Xbox 360 Slim shipping with Natal would make for an interesting SKU.