Former Maxis employee working on spy game

Although recent bad news arose of hefty layoffs at EA’s Maxis division, some refuse to sit a whine about it, like Chris Hecker. Hecker worked actively on Spore, providing his fantasy to create unparalleled material for the PC hit title, including the asymmetry patch which lead to “some really incredibly insane creatures” and pointed to this one in particular.

So rather than sit down, look back and wonder what could’ve been, Hecker is working on SpyParty. The concept of the game is fairly simple, yet with dedication and will to embrace its potential, SpyParty may become what we in the industry call an “addictive” and “awesome” game. Basically, it breaks down to this: you’re a spy with a mission at a party. Or, you’re a sniper at a party who’s got to stop the spy from completing said mission. “The game is quite different from anything out there, and it tries to really capture the subtlety, tension, and drama of espionage, as opposed to the industry’s usual blow-stuff-up take on spy games,” he says and thinks “it’s an incredible time for indie games, with “AAA indie games” like BraidCastle CrashersWorld of Goo, and many others lighting the way towards complete creative control and artistic independence for small, innovative, and highly polished games.”

You can keep track of SpyParty at the official website and on Hecker’s blog. He also wants us to wish him luck on his endeavor, so the nice people that we are here at TVGB, we do wish you luck Chris!