God of War Collection coming out on PS3 this year

Sony has announced that they’ll be releasing remastered versions of both God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray disc later this year. The God of War Collection will include both PlayStation 2 games reworked with 720p resolution running at a smooth 60 fps to make all that harpy wing ripping and torso disemboweling look even better. The collection will cost $39.99 and will even include PS3 Trophy support. Hopefully, we’ll get a nice shiny Trophy for hooking up with two concubines at the same time.

Sony hasn’t announced a specific release date, committing only to “this holiday season.” With God of War III coming out in March 2010, God of War Collection brings Kratos’s trilogy together on a single format. This should take a little bit of the sting out of PS3 Slim’s owners who have cried afoul the PS3’s inability to do ‘only everything.’