id wants to play in a bigger box

With their past projects all made up of going rat-tat-tat in narrow, linear areas, id Software is taking a step into the unknown with the vast landscapes and added vehicular gameplay that makes up the post-apocalyptic Rage. The reason for braking the familiar id mold? The need for ‘a bigger box.’

“Being successful and popular is great, but it also puts you into a box, and you need to keep your fans happy by playing within that box,” creative director Tim Willits said in a recent interview, “For Rage, our box is that FPS stuff and we still have it, but we wanted to make that box bigger.”

“The car and racing stuff gives it a more unique feel from our other games,” Willits also said, “The vehicle customization stuff is centered on things that work within the game; we don’t have too many frivolous upgrades here. It’s all functional stuff. Some people may just want to put better guns on their cars and not worry about steering and suspension, but others may want that, and it’s totally your choice.”

In the same interview, Willits also seemed to be pretty confident on a follow-up. While talking about what’s it like to work on a game while its engine is still under development, Willits said, “Rage 2 is gonna be a lot easier, lemme tell you!”