New details about Dust 514

Ever since the announcement that CCP Games would be making an FPS set in the world of EVE Online, everyone has been dying for more details, especially as to how the games would be related. Thanks to an interview with CCP’s head Hilmar Petursson with German site Gamona, we have some information to piece together.

What we already know is that Dust 514 will be a shooter, for consoles only and will feature persistent MMO-style character upgrades. But it will also feature some real-time strategy elements because commanders can deploy installations on the battlefield. Now, yes those are details, but they are vague. Don’t fret though, the real stuff is coming right up.

Dust 514 will be connected to EVE Online Universe directly, not just in a fictional way. Console FPS players are mercenaries, and can be contracted/funded by the fleet pilots of the PC MMO, and the territorial battles for planets will be affected by both games now. This comes from a desire to let people who are not into the complex and sometimes sterile nature of EVE, get into such a great world and interact with it from a different angle. Basically they wanted the opposite of EVE to compliment it, and decided that FPS was a good fit. CCP is still working on the connection between the games, and we should expect more news as the whole project unfolds, but it is safe to say this is really really exciting.

The work that CCP Games has put into EVE with player-driven politics, social structures, and economy has always been something to be respected and built upon, and I see them as a company that cares a lot about their players.