Rare job listing suggests unique Natal development

Rare has a serious hard-on for Project Natal, but they’re looking for a little help to come up with interesting experiences that justify gamers flailing around in front of their televisions. In a recruitment advertisement found on Toy News, Rare is calling out for designers with unique ideas for Microsoft’s new motion-sensing peripheral. And the requirements are pretty lax, “Your experience in games design is not necessarily important. We’re also not too bothered about what roles you have had and what games you have worked on. What we really need is the ability to think differently, think ahead and challenge the rules of what an interactive experience can be.” It looks like Rare wants to go outside the box for their future projects with Natal and hoping to push the limits of what (gaming) interactions are capable of being.

So anyone who may not have a lot of experience with game design but knows how to trick users into jumping around in their living room like they’re suffering an epileptic seizure could have a future in the gaming industry.