New Okami game is real, headed to Nintendo DS

We just knew something was up when a recent Capcom trademarking included the name ‘Okamiden’. Suspicions were all but confirmed earlier this morning when scans of a new Okami game appeared in everyone’s favorite leaky Japanese videogame rag, Famitsu. Those expecting the series to be getting the HD treatment will have to wait a bit longer however, as the successor to 2006’s ink-painting lupine adventure game is set to release on the Nintendo DS in 2010.

As with most games made by the now-defunct Clover Studios, the original Okami was criminally overlooked by critics and cherished by fans. There’s no word yet on how many (if any) of the original Clover developers are actually working on the title, but either way, it’s good to see that Capcom still views Okami as a worthwhile franchise.