Aion has a comic but not for Europe

Yes it’s shocking, I know — another game is getting another comic book based on a videogame to help promote said videogame. As it where, this time it’s Aion that’s getting the comic book treatment. The comic, called “Aiva’s Story,” has been produced by DC Comics and follows the main character Aiva through her life as a Asmodian warrior seeking vengeance against the Eylos who killed her family during a raid.

The comic will be available at PAX later this week, as well as GameStop in the US and Electronic Boutiques in Canada. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that Europe will be getting access to the comic, for now at least. From the couple pages we’ve been able to see it looks to be yet another high quality comic book to add to your videogame based comic books, if you’re collecting that is. Even if you’re just a fan of Aion, this looks to be something to get your hands on while waiting for the impending release of the game coming Sept 22.