Dead Space Extraction dev video shows off the crazy

The guys at Visceral Games want you all to get excited and spooked over Dead Space Extraction. Steve Papoutis, Ian Milham, Wright Bagwell, and John Calhoun talk about the prequel to the 2008 horror game. The devs mention that they were going for a more cinematic experience with this title. So while the gameplay may be changing genres, the mood and overall experience should be similar to the original game.

They explain some details about the dementia that happens during the game’s plot, saying that some things you see will not be actually there including the necromorph baddies. This should add a whole bunch of creepiness considering this is a first-person rail shooter. Aside from that, we have some amputatingly awesome combat against some creepy monsters and some dead bodies just dropping from the sky.

Dead Space Extraction is coming exclusively to Wii on September 29.