Every Take-Two game to have of a downloadable component

With the considerable add-ons to Grand Theft Auto IV, Take-Two is at the forefront of the whole DLC revolution. GTA4‘s first DLC, The Lost and Damned, was a huge success and we’d be surprised if The Ballad of Gay Tony wouldn’t follow a similar path. But that’s not the only game the company has a DLC strategy for. In fact, they’re planning on having a downloadable component for every one of their games.

Whether it’s download first, retail second or retail first, download second, or some combination of the two, “everything is going to have a download component, needs to have a download component,” CEO Ben Feder said during the company’s Q3 earnings call yesterday. “[..] it’s clear that retail is the channel for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, there is a download component to a lot of our games and there will continue to be a download component. The games live online and they live at retail, they live at both.”

Whether what he’s talking about tilts more towards horse armor or full-blown episodic content is something he didn’t Feder didn’t clarify on, but DLC is “an area that we are going to experiment with because we are innovating in that area.”