L.A. Noire still coming, looking to innovate

The Rockstar-published announced-and-disappeared crime thriller L.A. Noire is still very much in development, Take-Two CEO Benjamin Feder said yesterday during the company’s Q3 results call.

“It’s in development,” Feder said but added there was nothing to announce at this time. “And when we have more to announce, we will announce it but we’re continuing to develop it. We think it’s pretty exciting and innovative and when we have more to share, we’ll share it.”

Originally announced as a PlayStation 3-exclusive but apparently also developed for the 360 (the developer’s website refers to it as a title coming to “next generation consoles”), the detective tale of L.A. Noire is said to be a massive undertaking and “could be the biggest budget videogame in development anywhere in the world.” When we’ll see the fruits of developer Team Bondi remains, fittingly, a mystery.