Psst! Fallout 3’s game-within-a-game gets Flash treatment

Now we’re not usually allowed to write about Flash games here at TVGB. Our evil overlord editor releases the hounds at the mere mention of them. Seriously, I’ve still got the teeth marks in my leg from that Flash Mirror’s Edge story ages ago. My editor’s teeth, not the dogs’. That’s how much he dislikes us writing about them.

Despite the high stakes, I’m gonna risk a gnawing to bring news (via insert credit) of a cool little Fallout 3-related browser game. I’m hoping he won’t notice. It’s a recreation of a text-based adventure tucked away in Fallout 3 proper, that you may have missed on your Wasteland wanderings. Called Reign of Grelock, you could originally find it on one of the terminals in the offices of Hubris Comics. Now, thanks to programmer Chris Marjason, you can play it in your browser – complete with all the green text and old-school stylings you would expect.

If you did miss out on Reign of Grelock the first time, don’t own Fallout 3,  or simply couldn’t be arsed to play a crappy text-based adventure when you already had the year’s hottest next-gen RPG spinning away in your disc-tray, then we recommend you check it out. Well, I recommend you check it out. Something tells me that the boss won’t feel the same.