Remastered God of War may not be getting a full upgrade

Yesterday, Sony announced a remastered God of War Collection that will be released on a Blu-ray disc for PS3, running a smooth 60 frames per second and in 720p resolution. That got everybody dreaming of a high definition Kratos ripping apart newly textured limbs to pummel his victims senseless in glorious high definition. But John Hight, director of product development over at Sony Santa Monica Studio is giving everyone a reality check.

“We’re still kind of evaluating, but we were prepared to upgrade the textures, at least on Kratos on both games, but honestly it’s looking so good that we’re thinking, you know what? It’s probably better to keep it in its pure form,” says Hight when asked about the possibility of giving the games a graphics overhaul. Although the game itself won’t be getting a high-def facelift, Hight did say that the menus would be reworked. “We’re playing around with potentially swapping out textures on some of the user interface and the fonts just to make them a little more readable. It looked great back on the PS2 on a regular TV, or even an HDTV, but once you get into an HDTV running at 720p, some of the text gets a little weedy, so we are going to swap that out.”

God of War Collection is looking to be a straight up port for the PS3 with a little cosmetic touch up for Kratos. We’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see if Kratos looks any better with the botox injections.