Take-Two looking for ways to innovate with Natal

During Take-Two’s Q3 call yesterday it was revealed that the company’s different studios, perhaps as a result of Microsoft’s strong push, already have Project Natal dev kits in hand and are looking for ways they can “innovate” in their games with its controller-free motion controls.

“Natal motion sensor, yes, we have dev kits. Yes we are working on them,” CEO Benjamin Feder said when asked how Natal and Sony’s unnamed motion controller affect Take-Two’s titles and if they’re already working on utilizing their capabilities. “Obviously can’t comment on games that we haven’t announced but, you know, those dev kits are embedded in all of our studios or just about all of our studios and everybody is working with them to try to figure out new ways in which we can innovate and create the kind of content that this company is famous for. So yes, we are working on it.”

The CEO made no mention of Sony’s motion controller while answering the question.