Your Wii web browsing is now as free as your Saturday night

Attention Wii fans: your Internet Channel is now free as Nintendo has announced that the Wii’s Opera browser is now available to everyone for no charge.

Wii owners who had critically injured their PCs in a Wiimote related incident were previously forced to fork over 500 Wii Points in order to browse the web via their videogame console. Of course, I assume the injured PC because why would anyone want to pay to browse the web without a keyboard? Well if you were clever enough to find a reason and did indeed pay up, Nintendo feels for you. For anyone who has already paid for the Internet Channel, Nintendo will give a classic NES game worth the same 500 Points.

According to the press release, said NES game will be released in October, which kind of makes it sound like Wii owners will not get a choice in the compensation game Nintendo is bestowing upon them. Oh well. It’s better than nothing. It’s not like Sony is offering $100 worth of merchandise to anyone who bought a PS3 for $400.