First footage from Okamiden, like Okami but cuter

The thing you want to concentrate on when watching these 3 seconds of early stage gameplay footage from Okamiden, the DS sequel to Okami, is the importance of quality over quantity.

Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show website has slightly longer gameplay footage. Granted, it’s all of 6 seconds, but it still means more time to revel in the ovary-bustin’ cuteness of the new characters, Chibiterasu and Kuninushi. Think chibi versions of Amaterasu and Susano.

Produced by Ace Attorney Investigations’ Motohide Eshiro and directed by Dino Crisis‘ Kuniomi Matsushita, Okamiden takes place a few months after Okami, and will pit our adorable hero’s painterly powers against a fresh batch of demons. Seems sorta douchey of Amaterasu to dump this mess in such a young pup’s lap, but I shant stare a gift plot contrivance in the mouth if it means getting to weild the DS’ stylus like a celestial paintbrush.