Assassin’s Creed II trailer might get the best of you

It’s been a while since we saw anything solid from Assassin’s Creed II coming out of Ubisoft HQ. However, we got all excited about seeing our spiderman from the past, hang around and do his thing when we saw that Ubisoft had dropped this trailer off in our inbox. Commencing with some gorgeous art and drawings of war weapons made by da Vinci, this video started out beautiful but gave us the idea that this was the only thing we were about to get out of this. But when we got to see Ezio walk inside what seems like a cathedral, in a manner that is way cooler than any of us could pull it off, we realised we were in for a treat.

To the sound of “Genesis” by Justice, which is arguably an inappropriate choice and mood-killer depending on who you ask, we can enjoy seeing Ezio in the art of moving around in slow-motion to the music and swinging a load of different weapons around, embedding most of them in his enemies. Add some spectacular scenery and cool dark locations and you’ve got yourself a little sneak peek of some of the new stunts we’ll be able to pull off once Assassin’s Creed II ships this November, alongside another well-known, dual wielding title which Ubisoft states is no threat to Ezio, da Vinci and whatever adventures they get themselves into.