Dead Space Extraction golden

EA’s follow-up to the cut-off-their-limbs horror fest Dead Space, Dead Space Extraction, is finished, sent off to the presses and penciled down for a September 29 release in North America and October 2 in Europe, the company has announced. The Wii-exclusive prequel also packs a pre-order bonus which gives instant access to 4 of the game’s 10 challenge modes (“intense, pulse-pounding difficulty levels [that] pit players alone, or co-operatively with a friend against the Necromorph horde, competing for high scores and stylish kills”) that everyone else can unlock by playing the different chapters in the game.

Extraction will be shown off at PAX later this week and TVGB will be there to waggle away and talk to the devs. So stay tuned for further coverage.

If you missed it, a new developer video was released yesterday as well.