Exorsister follows in Onechanbara’s scantily-clad footsteps

Despite not being a sequel to the Onechanbara series, D3 Publisher’s latest PSP hack-and-slash title feels awfully familiar, as it relies on a wacky premise and heroines who dole out a lot of punishment to grab our attentions. According to Siliconera, Exorsister will feature a quartet of weapon-wielding lasses who must slay demonic motorcycles that are armed with chainsaws. And it’s utterly imperative that they do this while wearing revealing attire, naturally. If that doesn’t rope us in, D3’s hoping their game’s other major selling points will, like the ability to have online multiplayer via ad-hoc and character customization with various outfits and weapons that can be bought within the game.

Exorsister is arriving in Japan on November 19 for 5,040 yen (approximately $53 USD), but after our past run-ins with Onechanbara games, we’re making sure to temper expectations this time around.