Kojima: Peace Walker and Rising teams “not good friends”

Kojima Productions is embroiled in a civil war. An epic struggle that pits brother against brother in a brutal bloodbath where only one can rise as a victor while others perish as casualties of war. At least that’s how I imagine Metal Gear Solid developers would deal with an interoffice struggle. The Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker team and the Metal Gear Solid Rising team are at odds with each other and they’re “not good friends” according to Hideo Kojima.

What’s got the two teams at each others throats? Kojima explains, “The reason why I say they are not good friends is because the PSP is working day and night to make it even better than MGS4, but of course they can’t do it because of a lot of restrictions. On the other hand, the Rising team is using loads of money and loads of capacity and hardware specs. If you could imagine the PSP team looking at the Rising team saying, they have all the money and specs.” Kojima, the war monger that he is, is loving every minute of it. “It’s interesting for me to see the team members act in this way. This was never before because it was always just one small team. Now we are much bigger. So it’s really interesting for me to watch the team right now.”

Obviously, there’s only one way to resolve this issue. Put both team leaders on top a Metal Gear Rex and have them engage in mortal hand-to-hand combat. To the victor, all the money and resources for his project. To the loser, his arm grafted onto his second in command as a preposterous means of revenge when the sequels come around.