Silent Hill artist designs Fatale’s Salome

Silent Hill‘s Takayoshi Sato has created the character design for Salome, the sexy siren headlining Tale of Tale’s Fatale.

Having already explored death in The Graveyard and rape in The Path, Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn have decided to tackle one of the bible’s bloodier tales in Fatale, an “interactive vignette in realtime 3D” inspired by Oscar Wilde’s take on Salome, the princess whose Dance of the Seven Veils so pleased King Herod, he rushed right out and got her a present – John the Baptist, minus that oh so hard to wrap body.

“The character of Salome is complex because ‘Fatale’ is designed to evoke all possible interpretations of her legend simultaneously,” said Tale of Tales, who don’t plan to limit themselves strictly to Wilde’s play, in which Salome’s spurned affection for John the Baptist inspires her head hankering ways. “Salome is at once the mighty princess who mercilessly seduces men to their downfall and an innocent child on the brink of womanhood…and then there’s the Salome created by Oscar Wilde: a mad woman, lurking in the shadows of our souls, a selfish, passionate, willful creature who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Sato’s Salome is all of these women.”

And just in case the gold lamé look isn’t doing it for you, they’ve also release a blue version of their seductive star, ’cause “nakedness feels natural in the cool night breeze.”