World of Warcraft faction change service is now live

The good thing about Blizzard is their ability to change their mind about things. They’ll start out saying that they’ll never allow certain things and as demand rises they switch gears to meet player demand. Remember there was a time when they would never ever allow players to transfer to a PvP server unless they were already on a PvP server? That ideal has since faded since they now allow those types of transfers. Well another ideal has faded into the sunset as players are now able to switch factions, for a fee of course.

How much would you think it would cost to betray the faction you’ve been with for so long? 50 dollars? 100 dollars? How about $30 not including potential tax and other fees? Yup, just a mere $30 to betray your mate and move to the other side of the war. Actually $30 is on the pricey side but Blizzard always defends their prices as there is a lot of work involved and it helps prevent players from abusing the services. If you’re willing to, you can shell out the $30 to switch factions now, but we’ll have to wait for that other thing Blizzard said they’ll never do — switching races.