Blur and Twitter are together… at last?

We all know that Twitter is coming to the Xbox 360. It makes sense I suppose in a totally pointless way. However, social networking is the wave of the future or possibly the current wave we are riding on now and it’s going to be showing up everywhere. A case in point is Blur, which before now was simply going to have faux social networking in which fake text messages and emails would be sent to players by racers in the game but is now going to have actual Twitter worked into the game. No word on how it will work exactly, but signs point to it being useless and possibly even annoying.

As a social experiment in gaming this is a cool idea. As a signifier for the general well being of mankind this is bad. I can tell you right now that even if some people cared what you were doing every minute of every day and read your Twitter because of it, no one, and I mean no one, is going to care about how you’re doing at Blur. Thinking otherwise is a good sign that you’re a megalomaniac. Obviously you could update your Twitter with any message from Blur, but one would assume that the point of having it so readily available would be to tell everyone about a game not many people are actually looking forward to. This is the downfall of humanity, people.

That being said, you should follow me and TVGB on Twitter. It’s awesome. Also, that’s a new trailer up there. You should check it out because it has fast cars and things.