Codemasters gives a history lesson

Released today was a fairly in-depth trailer for the upcoming Codemasters’ title Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising which hopes to provide us with a meaningful and interesting context in which we’ll be popping skulls with M16s. Codemasters have set up a semi-fact, semi-fiction story that involves major nations vying for a small island off the coast of Russia called Skira. After much to-ing and fro-ing over various wars Skira conviently falls into the hands of the Russians, who just so happen to find a huge oil deposit hidden away. China, the original owners of the island, smacks itself on the head and demands that Skira be returned to them immediately. All out war inevitably threatens and tensions rise. Russia, for some unknown reason, decides they can’t handle the situation and beg for good old American assistance.

Unsurprisingly, the player will be taking on the role of a task force ordered into Skira to ‘suss out’ the situation. Now it’ll be interesting to see if that oil has anything to do with this fictional American insertion, because if it did Dragon Rising would quickly turn from a standard shoot-the-baddies-cause-they’re-bad FPS into a controversial political commentary on Americas foreign policy. Who knows? Maybe we won’t see America portrayed as an ever benevolent, altruistic and unselfish nation within a video game for once…

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is set for release on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on October 6th in North America, October 8th through EPAC territories, and October 9th in the UK.