MercurySteam devs press themselves to please Kojima

What does castor oil, milk of magnesia, and Hideo Kojima all have in common? Apparently, all three can make people poop their pants. That’s according to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox, who spoke with VideoGamer during GamesCom last month about what it’s been like working with the Metal Gear creator.

Cox revealed that while Kojima-san is relatively hands-off on the daily operations of making the newest entry in the Castlevania series, at the end of the day, Kojima is still the boss. And with a boss who is well known for his attention to detail in game development, the devs at MercurySteam find themselves having Maalox moments whenever Kojima pays visits to their offices. “… we’re shitting ourselves!” explained Cox. “You got to make sure that the quality of what you deliver is very very high. You’re constantly saying to yourself, is that really good enough? Is that really going to be good enough?” Fortunately for the Lords of Shadow developers, and their trousers, it sounds like Kojima has been liking some of the the stuff the team has produced so far.

It’s good to hear news of MercurySteam working hard, whether it’s caused by fear of letting Kojima down or not. If it ultimately benefits the quality of gameplay, we say let them poop away! We just ask they wash their hands first before the game goes gold.