PS3 will “significantly outpace” PS2 says Sony exec

SCE Europe big boss Andrew House spoke with Edge about the future of PS3 and it’s looking like it’s going to be a long journey for the black Blu-ray box. House believes that the PS3 will “significantly outpace” PS2’s 10 year life cycle. For those doing the math at home, that means we might not be seeing a PS4 until after 2016.

House says that it’s the PS3’s extra features that will give the system more of a shelf life in stores, “I have a theory that with successive generations, and with more value added and built into the console in terms of experience – and let’s not forget that the PS2 really didn’t offer a tremendously robust network experience – that what you effectively do is potentially lengthen that lifecycle more and more as you get to the next iteration.”

If House’s theory holds out, it looks like we’re going to be stuck with that black monolith and its slimmer, sexier sister for a long time.