Resident Evil 5 DLC, might be more Kijuju for you

It’s been a while since March, when we all picked up copies of Resident Evil 5 and plowed through the campaign in a haze of bullets and sleeplessness. But we might have to dust off our trusty shotguns to go back on zombie safari soon.

VG247 sat down with Christian Svensson from Capcom US for a podcast and when the conversation lead to a question about DLC for Resident Evil 5, Svensson said, “We’re talking about it. I don’t know if you have seen some of the threads on Capcom Unity, but questions came up on whether we are going to do any more. I asked what people would want to see and that spawned a thread that was literally hundreds of posts long and had tens of thousands of views.” This has sparked conversation at Capcom, giving us something to cross our fingers for. Good thing we’ll never get sick of zombie games. Ever.

Time to crank the Toto and farm weapon upgrades.