Dude sues Microsoft for $50,000 over his Xbox scratching discs

Wisconsin… I have never met ye, and it’s possible I never will. Not likely, but possible. All the same, a mythology has formed around you, and one that goes to the tune of “There are crazy people there.” I guess that’s not really signature to any one state in America, but this story sure suggests that all the same.

There are two crazies in this tale. First is Jason Johnson, who is pressing charges against Microsoft for $50,000 plus legal fees. The allegation: his defective Xbox 360 is eating discs. But then there is this line, “Johnson alleges the company sold the product knowing it scratched video games and made them unplayable” which gives it an extra pinch of the Crazy spice. Maybe I’m way out of the loop, but I don’t know of many whose Xboxes kill discs these days. They die, most certainly, but they don’t kill (unless, apparently, you rotate the console while it’s spinning. Don’t do that).

The other crazy is Microsoft’s attorney, whose main argument was that the suit should be dismissed “because Johnson didn’t personally buy his 360; the system was a gift from his wife.” How that rebuts the main allegation, I don’t know. But I’m also not a lawyer. I write about videogames and the crazy people who play them.