WoW-playing Senator has Lt. Gov. treasures in his sights

Ray Tenorio, a senator from Guam, has made clear his intentions to seek election for the position of Lt. Governor of his state. However, Tenorio, unlike most politicians who tend to shun games, is an avid World of Warcraft player. He must also be a fan of Gamepolitics, as he made his intentions known to them first before everyone else in a letter that also proves he’s keeping an eye on the latest MMO news, “As most everyone in WoW are eyeing level 85 in the Cataclysm expansion, waiting to take down the Lich King and still grinding heroic Ulduar [..] I wanted to let know first that I am running for Lt. Governor with my friend, Senator Eddie Baza Calvo, who is running for Governor…”

We’re not really familiar with the man’s policies but certainly wish him luck on his electoral prospects, hope he succeeds and does a good job if elected.

The WoW character that Tenorio has is Paleray, a level-80 Dwarf Priest on the Silverhand server. He also belongs to the Knights of the Marianas guild.