Heard at PAX / “Stop being crazy”

While attending  the “Post-N’Gai, Post-EGM Video Game Journalism, or Where Do We Go Now” panel at PAX, the Onion’s own Gus Mastrapa had a list of 5 ideas that you as the reader can do to make games journalism better. Rule number 1, “stop being crazy.” Mastrapa was of course referring to the rabid fanboyism and Internet hate that comment sections and forums seem to be permeated with. His point being how can you be interested in writing when all you get in response is insanity?

The full list is less fun to truncate but included trying to purchase objects from writers and establishments you enjoy, reading and supporting long-form writing, start writing yourself and stop reading criticism as a buying guide and instead use it as a companion to thinking about games. Pretty empowering stuff. The panel had more than a little bit of knowledge that was copiously spread over the entire crowd for anyone interested in pretty much any part of the videogames journalism career. My favorite part of the panel — N’Gai was in the front row the whole time.