Latest Modern Warfare patch brings outrage for dedicated players

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has easily been one of, if not the most popular online games of the past 2 years, which wouldn’t have been possible without Infinity Ward’s constant support through patches to tweak the experience. With the most recent of patches however, it appears a lot of the game’s more serious players are upset with one of the changes made.

The aim of the update was to stop people using modded controllers to fire semi-automatic weapons at a fully automatic rate by putting in place a half second time limit before the weapon can be fired again. Great news for people who want to play the game fair and square you say, but some aren’t happy with the outcome. A lot of experienced players can fire these weapons at a faster rate than the 0.5 second limit without the special kit. These are players that have spent time getting that good at the game, and are now finding it frustrating that their play style has been restricted.

Of course with any kind of injustice done on the gaming world comes 2 things, the first being the complaints, and the second being petitions. Many gamers have signed up to various ones, demanding that Infinity Ward remove the patch. The developer is yet to give a response on the situation, but with Modern Warfare 2 a matter of months away now, fans may just have to wait for the sequel to be satisfied once more.